Are you looking for an SUV with a little extra seating? How about an SUV with a third row of seats and an overwhelming amount of technology. If so, the 2020 Ford Explorer could be exactly what you're looking for.

This Explorer has the capability to park itself. Active Park Assist 2.0 can detect when it has room to park and will let you know when to put the transmission in neutral. Just hold the button, and the system can parallel park itself. This SUV has high-beam headlamps that know when to turn themselves on and off. When the headlamps sense dimly lit roads conditions, they will turn on, and when they sense oncoming traffic they will turn themselves off.

This kind of technology will make all your neighbors and co-worker jealous. I know you want to stop in and toy around with all these features. Come down, and take one for a test drive today.


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