Ford Super Duty Truck: Choose Diesel or Gas

The 2019 Ford Super Duty offers unrivaled efficiency and performance for customers in Council Bluffs. This heavy-duty pickup truck is available with two powerful V8 engine blocks that are compatible with alternative fuel sources. Let's examine some of the industry-leading features of the vehicle's signature eight-cylinder powertrain units.

Having a peak production of 935 pound-feet of torque at only 1,800 RPM, the Power Stroke engine displaces approximately 6.7 L during a complete combustion process. B20 diesel is the recommended fuel source for this explosive powertrain that's rated at 450 hp. A single turbocharger with an air cooler maintains ideal temperatures in the Power Stroke unit.

Compatible with compressed natural gas, propane, unleaded gas and ethanol, the Super Duty's 6.2 L engine has unmatched versatility. When pushed to the limit, this powertrain spits out 385 hp. A specially tuned induction system adjusts the flow of fuel according to the type of blend used.



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