Discover More About The 2019 Ford Ranger At McMullen Ford

Pickup trucks can be a great vehicle to have because that proves capable in a variety of situations. Whether you require it to get work done or for the occasional tow, pickups are typically the ideal vehicle for the job. They aren't limited to just work, however, as the 2019 Ford Ranger so adeptly illustrates.

When you're ready to head off-road to parts unknown leaving Council Bluffs in the rearview, you can rest assured that the 2019 Ranger can get you to where you want to go. With its electric shift on the fly system, drivers are able to easily move into four-wheel drive when the terrain demands it. With two 4x4 modes and two 4x2 modes, the Ranger is well equipped for diverse driving conditions.

The Terrain Management system also offers drivers flexibility in how they navigate various road conditions in the Ford Ranger. With modes designed to handle normal, snow, mud, grass, and sand, drivers can rest easy knowing that they can get through almost anything on their weekend outings and beyond.



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