The Ford EcoSport Brings Compact Convenience

The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV that is more efficient than any other. Learn about how capable the Ford EcoSport is when you visit McMullen Ford in the Council Bluffs area, where you'll find out about some of the great options the Ford EcoSport has to offer, including:

Space for Extra Friends or Cargo

Take friends along for the ride with you in the backseat, or fold the seats up to free up an impressive amount of storage space in the EcoSport.

Swing Gate That Opens From the Side

The rear swing gate of the Ford EcoSport conveniently swings open to the side rather than lifting, so you can forget about hitting your head or ducking down to take out belongings.

Test Drive the EcoSport in Council Bluffs

Test drive the Ford EcoSport at McMullen Ford and learn about the efficiency of the standard 1.0L EcoBoost engine.


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