Viewing Everything The Edge Offers

If you're looking for an SUV that rides like a sedan and that offers all of the technological details that you desire, then consider the Ford Edge. It's a vehicle that runs smoothly from the time you shift it from park. Blindspot detection makes it easy to see the sides of the vehicle when you can't look over your shoulder or over the rear seats when you're on the road in Council Bluffs.

Even with a 4-cylinder motor, you still have plenty of power to keep up with traffic. A benefit of the smaller motor is the enhanced fuel efficiency that you'll see after driving the vehicle for even a short length of time.

Several driver assistance features are available in even the base package, such as lane departure warnings and a rearview camera. A collision warning is given if you approach vehicles and get to close to them. Visit McMullen Ford to learn more about how the Ford Edge can keep you safe on the road.



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