Ford Escape Makes Life Easier

If you're looking for a vehicle that simplifies everyday life, consider the Ford Escape. This compact SUV is a popular choice among the convenience-minded in Council Bluffs. Two features are critical to making this vehicle an excellent choice.

The first of these features is the innovative hands-free liftgate at the rear of the car. With this feature, you no longer need to shift grocery bags from one arm to the other or put them on the ground to put them in your car. Kick the lever underneath the Escape's bumper, and your trunk will open.

Once your trunk is open, the Escape's star-studded performance has only begun. Escape's precision-engineered rear seats offer folding options that strategically increase storage space. The 60/40 split-fold-flat configuration allows you to reserve a passenger seat while gaining valuable storage space. See it in action at your McMullen Ford test drive.



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