Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

The all-new Ford Mustang is going to really grab your attention today, mostly due to the fact this performance car has the new fully active performance exhaust feature.

It doesn't matter your mood, your Ford Mustang can change the way it sounds in seconds. Today you may need to take the kids to school and want to roll into that location quietly, no problem. On the way home, you want the world to hear those horses scream, so you open up the setting to full growl and tear up the roads.

Get inside the new Ford Mustang and flip a switch, now you can adjust the sound coming from the exhaust. If you want to creep into your driveway without annoying your neighbor, no issues. Flip that switch and the exhaust can also scream and growl.

Listen to the Ford Mustang roar when you take one out on a test drive at McMullen Ford.



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