Ford Co-Pilot 360 Features Make Driving Safer Than Ever

The Ford Co-Pilot 360 is a new suite of driver-assist technology that will be rolled out globally on 2019 Ford models, beginning with the new 2019 Ford Edge. The technology aims to make drivers feel even safer and confident behind the wheel.

The Co-Pilot360 includes automatic emergency braking and a lane keeping system. The automatic emergency braking can automatically apply the vehicle's brakes to avoid other vehicles or pedestrians crossing in front of the vehicle. A warning light and alert sound help alert the driver to make a safe response.

The lane keeping system helps the vehicle stay in its correct lane using three different functions. A steering wheel vibration alerts the driver that they need to stay on path. A steering torque helps guide the vehicle back to the center of the lane. Finally, a driver alert system uses a forward-looking camera to monitor the driver's driving pattern and provides audio warnings to encourage driver vigilance.



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