Keep Your Pet Happy on the Road

The staff members here at McMullen Ford understands that road trips are not always fun, especially for the pet who has to travel with you. If you are heading off on a long drive with a dog or cat, there are ways that you can keep your pet from growing bored as you travel. Keep these tips in mind during your next trip, and you'll likely have a more positive experience!

  • Bring plenty of your pet's toys with you.
  • Purchase new toys just for the trip.
  • Stop often and allow your pet to play outside your vehicle.
  • Bring treats for the pet.
  • Pay attention to your pet and let him know that you love him.

As you head out of Council Bluffs, IA and off on a trip in the car with your pet, it is important for you to do what you can to make him happy. Road trips can make anyone bored or tired, but especially a pet who does not know where you are going or why you are driving so far.

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