Choose Our Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Services

You want to hold on to the weather that you are experiencing right now, but that is quickly evaporating. Your vehicle should be looked over as you move into a new season in the greater Council Bluffs, IA area to make sure that it is ready for all that is to come.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith) October 4, 2017

At McMullen Ford, we will look over your car to help you maintain it as you enter a new season, and we will be sure to handle any maintenance work that needs to be completed. From changing the oil in your car to rotating the tires, we will take care of all of the maintenance work that will help you move smoothly into the next season.

When you contact those of us at our showroom, we will know just what it is that you want from us. Stop in at 3401 South Expressway on a beautiful sunny day and allow us to complete the maintenance work that will keep your vehicle running well as you move into a new season!


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