Simple yet stylish: the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST


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Built with precision engineering in mind, not only is Ford Fiesta ST stylish it is also efficient as well as one of the gives one of the best performance among the industry's standards. One of the most important features of the Ford Fiesta id 1.6L Eco Boost engine that provides 197 horsepower as well as the torque of 202 lb. –ft. Engineers at Ford designed specific features into Ford Fiesta deliberately so that can give you a great experience. The Ford Fiesta also comes with unique sport enabled suspension, an understeering cornering control that comes in torque vectoring control, large four-wheel disc brakes, 17-inch aluminum wheel that is painted Rado Gray that is have been tested for summer performance.

These features of the Ford Fiesta illustrates that when you get your this car from our dealership. Once you have gotten the Ford Fiesta will find that it also comes with fog lamps that have carbon black bezels as well as improved aerodynamics. Get Ford Fiesta to improve your driving experience.

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