Tips for Deciding Whether All-Weather or Carpet Floor Mats are Best!

Keeping the floors of your vehicle clean and free of debris is important, but are all-weather liners or carpet floor mats the best choice for your needs? At McMullen Ford in Council Bluffs, IA, we asked our technicians to compile a few tips so you can compare which offers you the most benefits.

All weather floor mats, usually composed of rubber, are great for climates where snow and rain are plentiful since they can withstand rugged use. They're also easy to clean by hosing down with water. Color choice, however, is usually limited to basic black, gray or tan.

Carpet floor mats are available in dozens of color and design choices to more closely match your vehicle's interior. Carpet floor mats are great if you don't regularly haul groceries or gardening supplies in your vehicle, or transport children or pets that can create messes. They're easy to keep clean with regular vacuuming.

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